Reasons for the conflict

Reasons for the conflict

The main conflict points of the Middle East conflict

The Middle East conflict has its roots in various historical and political developments. A central cause lies in territorial claims based on historical and religious ties. The area around Israel and Palestine in particular is at the center of the conflict, as both peoples lay claim to the same territory.

One country, three religions. The Religious Dimension of the Israel-Palestine Conflict.

The Israel-Palestine conflict has deep roots that go back far into history. Different religious and ethnic groups have always coexisted in this region. The main actors in the conflict are often Jews, Muslims and Christians. The religious differences are deeply rooted and strongly influence the identities and views of the people in the region.

The Israeli settlement policy and its consequences

Israeli settlement policy began after the Six-Day War in 1967, when Israel conquered territories such as the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Israel began building settlements in these areas, which are considered occupied territories. The settlements are communities inhabited and administered by Israelis, and they are often heavily fortified.

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